Thursday, August 18, 2005

It's the final countdown!

We've booked our flights to Finland! We're leaving on Monday. Am just tinkering with my lecture which will interrogate whether competitve air guitaring is sport, spectacle, art or a combination of all three or even none of the above. Hmmm.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Even Crazier!

I have just had the weirdest, busiest few days in recent memory. It all started when I sent out an innocent press release regarding my PhD and trip to Finland, in order to try and drum up some investment for the film that Superchat and I are hoping to make when we're out there. Since then, I've been interviewed so much I think my head is gonna drop off. Amongst others, I've spoken to The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mirror, BBC World Service, BBC Radio Wales, Newstalk 106 fm in Ireland, 3 radio stations in Australia and one in the U.S. I also appeared on the GM T.V sofa on Wednesday morning. Surreal is an over used word but I think I'm justified here...

Air Guitar Film Needs Backers!

Amanda Griffiths is researching a PhD at the University of Salford in Air Guitar, and has been invited by the organisers of the World Championships held in Oulu, Finland to give a lecture on the finer points at an air guitar training camp on 24th August 2005.

Whilst there, and with filmmaker colleague Scott Abraham in tow, Amanda hopes to make the definitive air rock documentary. She says, “It’s an honour to be asked to lecture at what is the biggest event in any air guitarist’s calendar. People travel from all over the world to compete and I can’t wait to meet them and find out what it is that drives them to play!”

Amanda got the air guitaring bug after entering a competition in 2002 under the pseudonym Kiki Troupe and, to her amazement, winning. Following that, she was invited to talk on Radio Four’s Woman’s Hour and met fellow interviewee Professor Sheila Whiteley from Salford University who encouraged her to do a PhD on the subject.

The film will follow Amanda’s journey as she endeavours to delve into the psyche of the air guitar competitors. It is largely being funded by Scott and Amanda, but won’t happen unless they raise another £2,000 worth of investment before the trip. Professor Whiteley says, “This event is enormously important in terms of Amanda’s research and it would be a terrible disappointment if this film didn’t get made for lack of £2,000”.

Therefore, Scott and Amanda are seeking investment or sponsorship from anyone who would like to support this exciting venture. “Any level of investment would be most welcome at this stage. I’m very excited about this project and would love to see the film feature at several festivals worldwide,” says Scott, an experienced filmmaker who has worked on Coronation St, Phoenix Nights, Cold Feet, Clocking off, The Second Coming, Cutting It and has made pop promo videos for Alfie and Badly Drawn Boy.

If you feel you can help in someway, or would like more information, then please get in touch.

To hear Amanda and Professor Whiteley talking about air guitar on Radio Four's Woman's Hour then click here.